How To Change Element TV Input Without Remote

Are you looking to control your Element TV without a remote? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will tell you how to change Element TV input without having a remote. The Element TV allows you to input basic functions using the buttons under the TV panel. Using these TV buttons, you can control the volume and turn off and turn on functions. In addition, you can input the Element TV using the key combination to access more functions without a remote. I will explain all the possible ways to input your TV without a remote handy. Let’s move to the topic.

How To Change Input On Element TV With Remote

You can change input sources on Element TV without a remote. This combination of keys under the TV panel allows you to control a few functions. It is a simple task if you are aware of these keys.

Procedure 1: Using Multiple Keys

It is one of the best methods to change the input on your Element TV using particular buttons under the TV. First, connect all the cables to the Element TV and turn it on.

After this, press the “Channel” and “Menu” buttons simultaneously, which will display the input sources on the screen. Release all the buttons when showing sources on the screen.

Select the required option using the navigation keys (Channel or Volume) under the TV.

If this method doesn’t work, Don’t worry. Other methods may help you control the Element TV without a remote.

Procedure 2: Connect Your Mouse To Element TV:

It is the alternative method to control your TV if you don’t have a remote or the batteries are drained.. out in the remote.

Take a wired mouse and connect it to the Element TV USB port. After a few seconds, the TV will recognize the mouse, and the cursor will appear on the screen. Now, use the mouse to change the inputs on your Element TV.

Even if you don’t have a mouse at home or the mouse is not connected to your TV, I will tell you another method to input your Element TV without a remote.

Procedure 3: Use Smart Phone Remote

It is one of the easiest methods when you don’t have a remote or your remote is damaged. Several smartphone remote controllers are available on the Google play store and App store, where you can download and install the App to control your Element TV.

You can control your original remote’s features with the mobile remote, but your TV should connect to a network while using mobile apps to input the Element TV. If your device didn’t connect to the network, use the mouse to connect it to the network, and control the TV using this smart App.

How To Change HDMI On Element TV Without Remote

As I mentioned in the first method, press the combination of keys to appear the “menu” option on the screen, or If the device has a home or menu key, press them to enter into the Element TV settings. After this, navigate options using Volume or Channel controlling. In the TV Menu, find the external inputs or HDMI option and change HDMI settings as you expected.

How To Reset An Element TV Without A Remote

You can reset the Element TV without a remote. Press the Menu or Home button under the TV panel and go to the settings, where you can see several TV functions. Navigate all the functions using the Volume or Channel controlling buttons. If you find the Factory reset option, select it and input the command to reset your Element TV without a remote.

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