Samsung ak59-0149a Remote Codes & Programming:

For your Samsung blu ray player if you are looking for working remote codes and programming guide then you are now at the correct webpage. Our article consists of a wide range of Samsung ak59-0149a remote control codes that helps you to program and setup your device universal remote. Using the Samsung ak59-0149a you can program and operate multiple smart electronics devices and use then with a single universal remote. Universal remote programming is budget friendly and time saving resource to replace a original device remote. you can also find remote programming methods along with universal remote codes below on the same page.

Samsung ak59-0149a Remote Codes List

Universal remote codes works according to the remote codes list version such as CL4, CL3 or CL5. Before searching for a 4 digit code for samsung tv universal remote for your remote brand you need to check the remote to know which kind of remote codes it will accept to program the remote control.

  • 0019
  • 0618
  • 0644
  • 0056
  • 0060
  • 0587
  • 0037

We have added multiple remote codes for every remote brand and type so if a universal remote code doesn’t seems compatible for your remote then you use any alternative remote code available for your brand. All these remote codes are latest and working for major remote brands & models so you just need to browse the list of codes and start programming.

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Samsung ak59-0149a Remote Setup Guide Without Codes

There are various methods available to program a universal remote for smart devices. If you have valid remote codes and program instructions then this tasks will seems quite easy for you. Here we have updated two methods.

In Auto-code search, the database of codes will go through the scanning process in the remote. At a time one code will be scan to find out the valid remote code that works for your universal remote. Follow the given instructions carefully to program your Samsung remote:

  • Turn on the device that you wants to program.
  • Switch on the universal remote, Click on the device category button like TV, DVD.
  • The light indicator shows it is in programming mode.
  • Aim the universal remote to device and tap on CH+ or CH- keys. Remote will display on/off signs. Tap on Up or down keys continuously till the device switches off.
  • Verify the universal remote code by click on the power key. Device should switch on. If that happens, try changing the channel to verify the remote is programmed appropriately.
  • Click on the device button to store the code. the led light blinks twice for confirming the stored code.

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How To Setup ak59-0149a  Remote For Samsung Tv

Using the manual or keycode method, we can quickly program the Samsung universal remote with a few simple steps. Also, it may detect the make and model of your universal remote.

  • Initially you need to turn on the device you wish to setup the remote control.
  • Then tap on the device category button on your Samsung remote.
  • Tap & hold on the setup key of universal remote until it displays the light flash.
  • Finally enter the code that you have found from the guide.
  • Once you complete the process, aim the remote control to the device you are programming and then click and hold on the power key.
  • Then release the power button whenever the screen turns off.
  • That’s all! If you have followed the process correctly, the remote starts working. If it is not work to control the device then you need to repeat the same process using different code.

Final Words:

This guide is all about Samsung ak59-0149a remote codes and programming methods. We have provided step by step instructions along with a wide variety of universal remote codes. Please write us how you feel about this article via comments.

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