Is Safe or Putting You At Risk?

Need something that can reduce stress after doing the daily activities. So we need television not only for entertaining us but also for increasing our feeling of humanity to other people and for giving us any knowledge or information of our world. It is possible just because of the TraKt Tv only. It will provide you with the service that keeps track of the movies and the TV shows that you watch and connecting you with the recommendations based on your history.

How to Install Trakt.TV on Kodi- 

Firstly you have to install the install the Trakt add-on with Kodi’s interface. If you are not familiar with the procedure or steps of it then it is the very simple and easy step. You only just need to follow the steps which are given below and following these simple and working ways you will be able to install on Kodi.

If you are streaming the movies and the shows with the unofficial Kodi add-ons then only what matters is that Is Trakt tv safe or putting you at risk? Then in this article, I am going to share how to use Trakt and how to trakt tv activate with Kodi add-ons safely and protect you from any problem. So there are the simple and easy steps that you can protect yourself.

  • Open Kodi”
  • Select the Search button”
  • Select Search Add-ons”
  • Type Trakt
  • Select Script—Trakt
  • Select “Install”

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How to Connect with Kodi Add-ons

After you have installed the Trakt.TV on Kodi, you have to connect with Kodi Add-ons as Kodi is one of the most powerful software nowadays. Through this software, the library of the shows will not be going to store in your computer. It’s completely free to do, and it only takes a few moments to get connected with Kodi Add-ons just to make safe. So let’s have a look.

  • Go to that link in your browser.
  • Enter the PIN that was found in the pop-up in Kodi
  • Select Continue
  • Select Yes to initiate Trakt.TV on Kodi

Privacy Issue With Trakt.Tv

Trakt publicly lists what its users are watching. The main issue is that trackt. Tv is tracking your TV show and movies which is actually publishing on its website. You can see what shows are being watched by the user right now and who are currently watching it. It is one of the privacy issues with the Trakt Tv. Most people ask the question is trakt safe to use? Then I will tell you one thing that it has the private use and below I have to give the information that how can you protect yourself.

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Set Your Profile to Private then Only Use Trakt Tv Account

You just need to set your Trakt.Tv profile to the private. The viewing activity of the user is not published publicly for any copyright to your browser. You just need to follow the below steps to make the Trakt privacy.

  1. Click on the username on the top right corner
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. At the top of the settings page is the Private check box.
  4. Check it and save it.
  5. Now your profile is private. 🙂

Hide Your Original IP By Using a VPN

Hiding your IP address in order to avoid the information handling by the track tv even your activities are not publicly published. Trakt tv is still storing your data and information. Through IP address you can easily identify the system user. It is one of the best ways to protect your self by using VPN as all the information is provided to the government because it will automatically make your another trakt. tv account automatically even if you do not allow them to track where you are located.


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