How To Fix Kodi Buffering Issues With Simple Method?

Nobody likes to get disturbed while they are watching videos, and their favourite films.  Kodi being a free source media player software is one of the most loved media players, but when your loved videos buffer than you get nothing but irritated.

But when the same video is being played on Kodi, you do not have to worry. All you have to do this take a step back and read this article to resolve your buffering issues with Kodi.

But before that let us try to understand that why our Kodi has been buffering?

  • Weak internet connection
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • ISP issues
  • Unnecessary stored cache

Now since you have learnt what could be the possible issues with Kodi, you have to try and resolve them as quickly as possible and to get back to your entertainment.

Solve The Buffering Issue On Kodi 17& 18

Kodi buffering issue could be best resolved using the Merlin Wizard and also kodi not working issue on latest 18 & 17th versions as well. Merlin Wizard is nothing but a best designed Kodi management tool, that helps you clear cache, delete the thumbnails and even the packages.

Step 1. Open the Kodi on your device and go to the settings option, click on the file manager and then scroll down to the option of Add source.

Step 2. A blank box appears on your screen and now you have to enter this link and then click on Ok option and there after type the repository as “Super repo” and then click on Ok.

Step 3. To move to next step you have to restart and go to the Kodi Home screen, and then clicking on the add on, after this click on the box icon on the top menu.

Step 4. After this a list of options will appear, now you need to click on the “ Install from zip file” – scroll to Super repo- click on Krypton- repositories – super repo

Step 5. After this you can finally click, and wait till the installation gets completed.

 Step 6. After this click on this click on the install option from the repository – find the option of “Super repo repository, KryptonV7- HIT on install

Step 7. Backspace and reach the repository option again you will find a new option of Super repo All Krypton V7 – Choose program add ons option and now finally click on Merlin Wizard and Press install

Step 8. Ge back to the Kodi screen- go to the add ons option- Program add ons- Merlin wizard

 Step 9. After you reach merlin wizard then go to the tool box on the menu bar then click on either clear cache, delete thumbnails or the delete package option.

Finally now you won’t be experiencing any buffering anymore, using merlin wizard is one of the best ways to stop your Kodi from buffering and enjoy your unlimited videos and entertainment.I hope your Kodi buffering issue is resolved now but if you still have any doubts then do let us know.

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