Role specific League of Legends Lists ranked by tiers of optimality

Not Tilting is the Key

You’re gonna have a lot of hard games in mid to low ranks consisting of Gold to Bronze where people are still learning. Sometimes, you just cannot pick a win for yourself no matter how hard you try. Luck, will a small part in this, as in to get you teammates that don’t feed.

Pace of the game

The general gameplay tends to be a bit slow, so they know and have a general idea as to what to do, but it’s kind of easier to not to bother, and not maximise your opponent mistakes, and rather just sit back, chill out and just kill minions. It sounds really dumb but players are going to look to take the easier option out, they’re kinda lazy overall in these ranks willing to just go with the flow, and not make any drastic game-affecting actions themselves.

What lacks in players of these ranks?

Killing minions and mechanics are quite good on this bracket of ranks, it’s more of the knowledge side of the game that is lacking than the actual ability to do stuff.People in these ranks are gonna be pushing their limits quite a lot since they’re still learning and they are still quite testing like what they are capable of doing with their champion and how much damage they have. But this is where punishing mistakes comes in..,so if somebody is trying to push their limits, you can actually punish them for it. Having a plan is definitely way more effective than normal so people who tend to hesitate in their movement do not plan out things as much when going into a game since they’re not sure of what their champion limits are. So those who plan their strategies are very deliberate and control the game with what they want to do.

How to Climb in these ranks?

So, the things you need to fix to move up, you need to nail down a good champion pool which mainly consist of champions that you enjoy playing genuinely and have a blast with and they will soon become your comfort picks with enough time spent on them.

Improving your Core and Fundamentals

The core definitely needs to be solid if you want to move up, so it’s going to be mainly looking at your numbers of minions killed, the trades you look for with your opponents and the item paths you choose to adapt to depending on your enemies. These fundamentals definitely need to be at a solid level to play in a rank division like Platinum.


The best solution to help you climb and grasp the meta quickly to know what’s strong and what’s not

Tier lists come and go, but this one has something special in it. After using it for almost a year, I am almost confident it is the best one out there. Not only does it gives an insight on champions that are strong in the new patch and prepare you for it, but it’s also separated by lanes Top, Mid, Bot, Support and Jungle to help players who are interested in their specific lanes.


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